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Fountain of Life

by Renée H. Berry

The Truths of New Covenant living are basic to all. However, experiencing them intimately as God makes us and molds us into the image of Jesus Christ, is very individualistic. As a counselor, teacher and trainer of the New Covenant Truths of Grace and Christ as Life, I am frequently asked, “How do I walk this out?”, “What does this look like?”. Whereas, the walking out is each individual’s personal journey, there are certain aspects that are true for all of us. This adventure resembles taking a well planned cruise with 50 people. The trip is universally the same for all in terms of miles traveled and scenery viewed. Personal experiences, however, will be different for all 50 guests. Hopefully, this blog will enlighten the steps to the journey of New Covenant living and knowing Christ as Life. Every blog will offer an invitation to Invite Him In because after all, Jesus is the Fountain of Life.

For with You is the fountain of life
Psalm 36:9 (AMP)



2 Corinthians 5:21 - He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. There is a key verse that is foundational for the believer of the New Covenant of Grace. John 6:28-29 states, Therefore they said to Him,...

I NEED YOU! Part 2

I NEED YOU! Part 2

I DON’T NEED, THEY DO… How many times has a person walked into my office and stated, “If only you would fix my husband, friend, children, job, etc, then I would be fine!”? Actually, as needs go, that is a very needy statement. What is that person really saying? If...

I NEED YOU! Part 1

I NEED YOU! Part 1

Philippians 4:19 - And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Have you ever given thought to how our closest relatives, friends, or even a passerby can really affect our emotional state when...



About Me


I am Renée…a fancy French name for an ordinary, country girl. I love family, fall leaves, football and a house full of my brothers and sisters in Christ so I can cook. Yes, I LOVE to cook! I also like to write about all of the above as I totally depend on Christ as my LIFE.

At age 12, I came to the realization that I loved the things of the Lord, but I did not have a personal, loving, saving relationship with Jesus. I had been raised in the church by a Christian family but I did not know Jesus just for me. I continued a life as a church-goer as I left my home of origin and married and established a home of my own. But, I realize now that I accepted Christ as my Savior thinking I needed to do something for Him because in some way I was unacceptable. For years, I stepped up the plan to take care of that deficit. Take it from me, that didn’t work. As a trained musician, I not only worked in the church all of my adult life, but I landed a position as a Music Director for a Christian school. Sadly, I became more and more depressed. What in the world was lacking? I was “doing” all I could. Tragically and suddenly, my husband died when I was 48. We were at a pinnacle stage in our lives. We had raised two incredible children who were months away from being on their own. I resigned my music jobs and began to search for what would “fulfill” me. I looked for a mission agency with which I could get involved. One night a friend introduced me to a conference manual…not just any conference manual, it was the Grace Life Conference manual. It belonged to a mission agency, the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries (now renamed…Network 220), a world-wide ministry organization that counsels, teaches and trains people in the Truths of the New Covenant. Better yet, there was an office, Grace Life International, an hour north of me, in Charlotte, NC. I naively went with my “to do” mindset to learn how “to do” this mentoring/counseling thing so that I could “help” others. Oh did God have some plans for me! Four weeks into the training, He put me on my face to purge me of the “to do’s”. I found via the counselors/teachers, through whom God had done miraculous things, that Jesus truly wanted me…not my “to do’s”. If I would believe this Truth and walk it step by step in total dependence on Him, He would bring clarity as to all that He created me to be. I would then know Him as, not just the Way and the Truth, but my Life! That process will continue until I see Him face to face! Now as a staff member at Grace Life International since 1999, I have the privilege of leading others in the same path that Christ led me…to know Him as Life. There are a million words that I could write about that…but for now, I’ll stick to the basics. Maybe one day, you can come sit in my sun (Son) room, my healing room in the country, and I can hear your story and fill in a few blanks of my story for you!


Renée H. Berry
Resource Developer at Grace Life International
Author – Speaker – Counselor – Teacher

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